No Vacations in Baby Step 2

Disneyland Vacation Cancelled

Disneyland Vacation Cancelled - No Vacations in Baby Step 2

After much thought, we have cancelled all 3 vacations we had planned this year.  No vacations in Baby Step 2!  We are working through Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps to get out of debt and build wealth, and we are currently on Baby Step 2 – pay off all consumer debt, everything except for the home mortgage. Paying off the home is Baby Step 6, if you’re curious.

We officially started our debt free journey on March 11, 2017, but before this date we had a few getaways planned. Until yesterday, we kept 1 of the 2 vacation in the books. However, the decision to keep this one vacation weighed heavily on me, keeping me up at night. So, in true gazelle-intense fashion, I convinced Jesse to cancel the remaining vacation – our August 2017 Disneyland trip for our youngest son’s 8th birthday.

We wanted to do a 2-day trip to Disneyland, with a stay in the lowest tier Disneyland hotel, and in their most standard room.  Disneyland on the “cheap”. As we all know, Disneyland isn’t cheap!  We could have cash flowed this trip, but we have a deadline for completing Baby Step 2 within 24 months, by March 2019. Sacrifices must be made to achieve this financial goal of ours!

Catalina Vacation Cancelled - No Vacations in Baby Step 2

The new plan is to do something low key at our local water park, or maybe even something at home to celebrate Eli’s 8th birthday.

There was also a 4 day, 3 night cousins reunion trip booked for Catalina in July. Yes, this was cancelled, too – it was just too costly. I still need to tell my family that we will not be making the trip. They will just have to understand. I have a bit of anxiety having to explain our debt free journey – I’m afraid of what they’ll think and how they will judge us.  Ah well!  We have to do what’s best for us.

Last but not least, by far, we will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this year – in December to be exact. I’ve made such a big deal about our upcoming anniversary, for years! To cancel a trip that we had been planning for a long time was heartbreaking.  But, we understand that we need to change our money habits that got us in this bind in the first place.  In the past, we would book extravagant vacations on our credit cards and never think twice about how we would pay for them!

Hawaii will have to wait until we are out of debt, and able to pay cash up front for the trip. As Dave Ramsey always says, “Live like no one else now, so later you can live (and give) like no one else.”

Hawaiian Anniversary Vacation Cancelled - No Vacations in Baby Step 2

What sacrifices have you made to get out of debt?  Any ideas of how to celebrate a big anniversary without busting the budget?

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