Welcome to Smarts n’ Cents!

My name is Kate. I’m 34 years old, and I live in Las Vegas with my husband, Jesse, and our children, Jay, Gabby and Eli.

Smarts n’ Cents is a place where we share our journey out of $115,956.54 in debt.

For years, we accumulated a mountain of debt by way of loans, credit cards, big home mortgages, student loans, etc. We were living the American dream (financing everything) and keeping up with the Joneses. We were sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck, and living beyond our means. In 2015, we were acquainted with Dave Ramsey and his financial philosophy. However, it wasn’t till March of 2017 that we fully committed to the Baby Steps. Now, we are well on our way to becoming debt-free!

Stick around and come back often to check our progress. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Snapchat at @smartsncents.