Using Credit Cards for Travel Rewards

Oh no, they’re back to using credit cards! I didn’t start this post subtly at all. Yes, we are back to playing with “snakes”, as our fellow Dave Ramsey enthusiast friends will say. We have good-to-us reasons for jumping into…

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Jesse’s 36th Birthday Weekend

Jesse officially turns 36 tomorrow, but we’ve been celebrating his birthday all through President’s Day Weekend. Originally, we had a karaoke party planned at a karaoke bar, but we scratched that due to costs. We’re no longer spending money paying for…

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Diary-Style Blogging

So, I’ve been neglecting my blog. Why? I work (a lot), I’m a mom, and pumping out long, detailed blog posts consistently isn’t in my top daily priorities. Just being honest. But, I want to blog. I love to write.…

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why or why not consolidate

Why or Why Not Consolidate

In full transparency, and to document our debt-free journey, I will explain our credit card consolidation loan. Related: Our Debt-Free Journey Coming Out Letter Why We Consolidated Our Credit Card Debt Before we started our Total Money Makeover with Dave Ramsey,…

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Sinking Funds: How We Save in Baby Step 2

Gasp, you’re saving in Baby Step 2?! Before we explain how and why we are “saving” in Baby Step 2, let’s step back and simply explain our financial situation, describe what ‘Baby Step 2’ is, and define what ‘sinking funds’…

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